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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 23, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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12:01 pm hello. i'm j.c. hayward. we are beginning with breaking news and the search for missing teenager natalee holloway. moments ago, the prosecutors said the jawbone found on a beach does not belong to the missing teenager. natalee holloway vanished in 2005 while on a class trip in aruba. her body has never been found. she was last seen with dutch national joran van der sloot. he was never charged but is now awaiting trial for the murder of a woman killed five years to the day that natalee holloway vanished. we also have breaking news today from southeast washington. five metro passengers were injured during a bus collision on naylor road. a truck rear ended the bus during the morning rush hour. none of the injuries are
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serious. well, there are going to be headaches for commuters who take the v.r. e. equipment problems on train 328 to 330 forced officials to dispatch dozens of taxis to burt's center station in order to pick up passengers. riders who were inconvenienced were asked to submit their taxi receipts. they will get a full refund. metro riders who were late because of the problem should show their tickets to the station manager before boarding. the white house is condemning north korea's artillery attacks against its neighbor in the south. joel brown reports that the latest skirmishes have renewed concerns about the isolationist regime. >> reporter: thick columns of black smoke rose from the south korean island. north korea shelled the small island near the border after warning its southern rival to
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stop military drills in the area. civilians living on the island ran for shelter. dozens of buildings set on fire and two south korean marines were killed. this clash lasted about an hour, marking one of the most provocative confrontations between the two countries since the end of the korean war. the white house issued a statement calling on the north to immediately stand down. press secretary robert gibbs says the united states strongly condemns this attack calling on pyongyang to hold its belligerent action and fully abide by the armistice agreement. a national security advisor woke up president obama just before 4:00 a.m. to brief him on the confrontation. the u.s. has more than 28,000 troops stationed in the south. on a visit to seoul earl whyer this month, president obama reaffirmed his support. >> the united states will never waiver in our commitment to the security of the republic of korea. >> reporter: skirmishes flair up between the two koreas from
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time to time. but this escalation comes amid growing tensions over north korea's claim it has a new highly sophisticated nuclear facility. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> well, the busiest travel week of the year is colliding head-on with a nationwide protest that is urging fliers to boycott airport security protocols. christian fisher has more now on what is shaping up to be the perfect recipe for a travel nightmare for the holiday coming up. so far so good here at reagan. the lines at security seem to be moving smoothly. keep in mind, tomorrow is the big day that we're all really concerned about. not only is it the busiest travel day of the year, but this year, it is also national opt out day. this is the day where people will be boycotting tsa's new body scans calling them invasive and inappropriate. the tsa is saying hey, the boycotts will only hurt the
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people flying over the holidays. not only could it make for massive security lines for the busiest travel days of the year but could also hinder airport security at a time terror alerts were elevated around the world. we caught up with several people flying out of reagan to see what they had to say about the ongoing controversy. the reaction was mixed. >> i think it's ridiculous. if will tie up lines. people will miss flights. not a good idea. >> i have absolutely no problem with it. >> i would take the scan over the patdown. i'm fine with the scan. >> it's america, our rights come first. i understand why people might feel that way. >> reporter: are you worried at all tomorrow's protest will increase wait times at security checkpoints. >> yes. that's why i'm flying today. >> reporter: tsa's administrator says he is open to reviewing new security protocols. going forward, he hopes to strike a better balance between keeping passengers safe and protecting their privacy. he also said no exchanges will be made until after the
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holidays. at reagan airport, kristin fisher, 9news now. many travelers are taking the bus or train to their destinations rather than deal with airport security screenings. experts admit that the nation's bus terminals and train stations are more vulnerable than our airports. so we asked bus riders would they submit to similar screenings if they were implemented at bus terminals? >> probably should do more screening on trains and buses, you know, just to make sure. nobody wants to, you know have their trip interrupted by an explosion. >> right now there is no clear cut decision. however, officials are considering it. and if you are headed to the northeast, you may be one of the 2.8 million people expected to travel through one of the toll areas around baltimore. the maryland transportation authority wants to make sure that you have the smoothest ride possible.
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so they have offered some travel tips. travel off peak in order to avoid significant delays. for the i-95 corridor, travel today and wednesday before 6:00 a.m. or after 11:00 p.m. thursday through sunday, travel before 9:00 a.m. and after 9:00 p.m. know before you go for state- wide traffic information, go to if you are driving south of the district, v dot has offered this information in order to help you avoid gridlock. all temporary lane closures will be removed starting at noon tomorrow and will not go back into effect until noon on monday. vdot is lifting restrictions on several roads for thanksgiving
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day. medics rush a child to the hospital after the child has been accidentally shot in the leg. this happened around 7:30 this morning in a home in the 2200 block of otis street northeast. the child's injuries are not life-threatening. at this point, police are trying to figure out how the child got the gun in the first place. another defendant in the brian betz murder case is expected to enter a guilty plea in court today. court documents show 19-year- old sharif lancaster will plead guilty to robbery and gun charges. is he one of four people charge in the murder of betz who was killed in his home last april. police say he met his killers through a phone chat line. he was a popular principal at shaw middle school. ingmar guandique will be sentenced on february 11th for the murder of chandra levy.
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levy's mother says the verdict will not end her pain. >> the results of the verdict may be guilty, but i have a lifetime sentence of a lost limb, missing from our family tree. >> guandique was convicted thanks to the testimony from a former cell mate. the cell mate said guandique confessed to the 2001 murder. prosecutors won the case without any dna evidence. but dna helped close a 26- year-old cold case rape investigation. police arrested 53-year-old hubert allen marlon on sunday. police say in 1984, a woman was walking home from her job at the montgomery mall when a man beat and raped her. they say dna has now linked that attack to marlon. prosecutors have charged him with rape and assault with
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intent to maim. cardinal donald whirl returns to washington this afternoon. he's coming back from the vatican where pope benedict elevated him to that position last weekend. whirl -- cardinal whirl will celebrate mass in washington d.c. this weekend. let's talk about giving thanks. see how the vice president and his wife showed their gratitude to america's wounded warriors. i'm scott blume. in hospital comrie county, take your first ride on the intercounty connector. the opening is now weeks away.
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some wounded soldiers enjoyed an early thanksgiving dinner thanks to the vice president. vice president biden and his wife jill hosted the dinner at their home at the national observatory last night. and mrs. biden thanked her guests for their service. >> michelle obama and i have spent the last two years going around this country asking americans to say thanks and to be aware of the sacrifices that you all have made for us in this country. so it's really a joy for to us have you here tonight. >> dr. biden worked with the first lady on public service announcements in support of the
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troops and their families. a kiosk by the vietnam veterans memorial has been there for 30 years and is now gone. it went up in flames last night around 11:00. the d.c. fire department says a mechanical propane heater appears positive have malfunctioned. no one has injured. the memorabilia kept inside is all gone. it was known for selling items related to the vietnam war. let's turn our attention to medical news. today on "the doctors," you will be able to learn the difference between a health fix and a health myth. find out the cause of varicose veins and learn if it's okay to serve expired food to your family coming up today on "the doctors" coming up at 4:00 p.m. followed by 9news now at 5:00. coming up next, howard and the holiday forecast. >> reporter: jc we had sunshine
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earlier. the clouds are moving in. we have a little bit of rain showing up from hagerstown down i-81. we'll talk about where that rain is headed and what you can expect for wednesday, thanksgiving and the weekend when 9news now returns.
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all right. we're focusing on thanksgiving travel. here's a look at gasoline prices right now. according to aaa's fuel gauge report, regular grade gasoline in the washington metropolitan area is averaging $2.88 a galp. now, if you go to baltimore, the average is $2.86 a gallon.
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and a little farther forth in central new jersey, the average price is $2.87 a gallon. down in roanoke, you can expect to pay $2.69 a gallon. dice d. eisenhower was president when the intercounty connector of maryland first went on the master plan. now planners say opening day for the toll road is just weeks away. there are a few parts that are ready. and we get a sneak peek at the first section of the highway. >> reporter: the road is paved. the lines are painted. for now, not a bit of traffic in our way. as we cross montgomery county in the first section. i.c.c., seven miles from shady grove to georgia avenue. 22 minutes on local roads. just seven minutes on the icc. >> we're close to opening the first section of the encounty connector. >> reporter: the spokesman says the time is now being measured
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in weeks as it closes in on a late december or early january opening for the first section. >> there's still a lot of items on our punch list if you will. >> reporter: this is the most critical of the final preparations. it's the electronic system that will make this maryland's first completely cash free all electronic toll road. radio devices will reed ed pass tags or cameras will read license plates for billing by mail with an extra charge. it's awfully automated. there will be no toll booths and no slowing down to pay on the i.c.c., and the road cannot open until this is tested and running. >> if you are going to ooze it more than two or three times a year, then having the e-z pass transresponder will save you money because you won't get paid that $3 fee every single trip you take on the i.c. c. >> reporter: now with the road just week as way from a probable opening, now is the time for to you think about how you might want to pay for it when you start driving on it.
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on the icc, scott blume, 9news now. >> with the e.z. pass it will cost $1.45 to travel the first section of the i.c. c. that's 20.7 cents a mile. compare that to 35.9 cents a mile during the morning rush hour on the dulles green way and 10.8 cents a mile on the dulles toll road at all times. our 9news now morning team shared some of their most treasured thanksgiving recipes today. howard gave us a take on his turkey. >> helping to stuff it. >> and then they favored hike high deck's stuffing. jessica doyle had mashed potatoes and guess what bread pudding by andrea roane's mom, her mom, one of moo i favorite people ethel. angie treated the crew to a
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localery pilgrim hat. you know what that means. no cooking for her. you can find all of those recipes on our web site, >> there's a lot of fun this morning. my colleagues really impressed me with what they provided. i'm just glad my turkey was juicy. >> especially angie's hat and andrea's mother, her mother. >> and that bread pudding, oh, man, she's from new orleans. it's on the web site. go to the morning show page on and it's easy to find. easy to make, too. >> it is? weather-wise, we've got changes coming. nice and mild out there right now. it will get a little chilly over the next few days. we've even got a couple of showers here and there. let's get you going with a look at the day planner for the rest of this tuesday afternoon. mid-60s at 3:00 here. maybe a shower? one or two spots by 6:00 p.m. start ing to clear out.
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down to 50 by midnight. 40s will be in the 30s and 40s by tomorrow morning. sat late and radar. the clouds overspread much of the region. we've have generally light rain showers on the pennsylvania border. picking up this action. you can see it to the north and west on the doppler. if we switch it over to the doppler, you'll see the pennsylvania border out towardsing aerstown getting into frederick now. seeing light showers. not all of this is reaching the ground. up and down 15 here out to hagerstown and into parts of eastern and west van panhandle. just coming out of west virginia into the i-81 corridor, we're seeing the light showers. that's about it. it looks like this front will lose a little bit of its punch as it comes through. so i don't know how much of
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this shower will make it here to the metro. back on the weather computer, we're talking temperatures. 73 in fredericks already. cambridge 72. a day down south to open the windows. up north with the clouds and showers. mid to upper 50s. 64 in manassas. here in town, we've got 66. locally 70 in college park. lees thicker clouds. showers not too far away 61. columbia 65. national, as we said, 66 degrees, cloudy skies and south-southwesterly wind at 9 miles per hour. there is a big storm out on the western u.s. that will be driving a front here. trying to go west, lots of snow on the rockies. worried about severe thunderstorm as cross parts of missouri down to arkansas tomorrow. front comes through here. notice the clouds starting to break tonight. chilly air moves in for tonight and during the day on
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wednesday. then by thanksgiving, here comes some rain. it will ride up to our north and west, but it will get here, i think, late thursday night into friday. friday right now looks like the wettest day on this next seven. 66, 67 today with that outside chance of a shower. 54 tomorrow. then by thursday, thanksgiving day, cool 57 again a slight chance of a shower. much better chance we'll see rain through midday at least on friday. so if you are driving home friday, that could be rough. the weekend's looking good. cool, though. highs 50 to 55. that's your weather this tuesday. we're going to the kitchen. 9news now will return in a moment. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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art center in loreton, virginia. >> yes. >> at one time she had her own television show. she specializes in ethnic cooking. today, she's going to prepare a special dish, what you can do with a turkey, and it's going to be white turkey chili. >> yes, ma'am. >> let's get going. what do we do? >> what i have here is the holy trinity, celery, red onions -- >> i like that, holy trinity. >> red peppers and jalapenos. >> oh, jalapenos. do you have oil in there? >> olive oil in the bottom of the pan. when you put your olive oil in, you don't want it to be smoking because it will burn. then what you want to do is you don't have the time to sautee for 10, 15 minutes until it's golden brown. this is really an easy dish to prepare. >> what is that? >> chicken stock. >> you can get that in the can. >> you can. you do want to have a reduced
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sodium because the more it reduces down, the stronger the taste gets to it. i will add sea salt to it. >> all right and? >> chili and cumin. >> mrs. dash and adobo. >> what is that? >> adobo, the spanish seasoning with garlic, salt, pepper and cumin in it. >> oh, okay. >> and then i'm adding cilantro paste. if you cannot find this, you can add salsa verde. >> somewhat? >> green sauce. >> all right. break it down for me. >> all right. this is roasted garlic. smell that. >> that smell goods. >> we have 30 secondsp. >> we'll add chili beans. >> the recipe will be on our web site, this is something. you have everything all cut up with the leftover turkey and corn. >> and then we'll finish it off with heavy cream. >> all right. pour that in. >> when you add the heavy
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cream, add it slowly so it doesn't overcook. the last thing we'll add is green chilis. >> all right. let that sixer? >> for 15, 20 minutes. >> then that's it? >> uh-huh. >> oh, wow. ten seconds. >> finish off with cilantro, cheese and sour cream. have i some in the crock pot right here. >> oh, wonderful. i'll have some for lunch. come back to join us. go to our web site and get the full recipe. that look goods. thank you for coming. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you.
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